Industries Served

ZMS Cable specializes in supplying control cables for harnesses and box builds for OEMs of industrial equipment. In many cases, our customers are able to make the cables themselves and have done so in the past, but are delighted to find out that we can build cables of the highest quality and dependability faster and at a lower cost.

ZMS Cable works with a wide range of industrial customers in many different fields to provide cable assemblies that meet the rugged requirements for industrial environments. We use the appropriate cable types, optimized for abrasion resistance and tensile strength, along with highest quality connectors and combine them with potting, weatherproof boots, and strain reliefs to construct a reliable and durable cable.


ZMS Cable supplies custom control cable, instrument cable assemblies and wire harnesses for commercial and industrial transportation vehicles. We have extensive experience in building cables where there are requirements for limited smoke, flammability, and toxicity including:

  • Buses

  • Trains

  • Light Rail Vehicles

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Construction Equipment

  • Watercraft

We take 100% testing on everything we build. All of our assembly equipment, including crimpers and pull testers, is calibrated on a regular schedule to the manufactures’ specifications.

Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, all of our assemblers are certified to GB and IEC Standards and we maintain certified trainers on staff. All soldering is performed with operators certified based on GB Standard .


ZMS Cable manufactures XLPE insulated, UV resistant control cable for solar cable assembling industry to support this growing market. Our cables are designed to withstand the high UV and temperature environments in which they’re installed.

From the panel to the control box, to the battery room, we can build cables to your specifications or our engineers can help you design a cabling solution to meet your needs. We will provide high quality control cable for all your solar cable requirements.


ZMS Cable has more than 30 years’ experience as a professional advantaged cable manufacturer, we supplied control and instrument cable for cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electro-mechanical assembly uding for a wide range complex instruments including:

  • Simulation

  • Test and Control

  • Scales

  • Volumetric measurement

  • Detectors and sensors


Our control cable and instrument cables are widely used for Gas&Oil mining equipment or power transmitting line, we supplied a lot of cable products for Gas & Oil Mining project, such as LUK oil project in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, SHELL oil project in Nigeria, Gas project in Kazakhstan and Russia and etc.

Steel wire armored control cable, Copper wire braied screening cable are the best selling products over these years.