Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable

Multi-core cable, XLPE insulation, Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured ,Control Cable,Instrument Cable



Control cable Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Cable have moisture, corrosion and anti-injury characteristics, can be laid in the tunnel or cable trench. Power cables are used in power system main lines to transmit and distribute high-power electric power, and control cables directly transmit electric energy from power distribution points of power system to power connecting lines of various electric equipment and appliances.


IEC 60502, BS 5308, GB 9330


Conductor: Plain annealed copper wrie


Armoured:Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured

Sheath:PVC sheath

Technical parameters:

No.Cross Sectional Area of Conductor (mm2)Nominal Strand
ing of Conduc
tor (mm)
Approximate Overall Diameter (mm)Approximate Weight (kg/km)
7C?x 1.57/0.5315.2506
7Cx 2.57/0.6717.1618
7C?x 4.07/0.8519.7904
7C?x 6.07/1.0421.31110
7Cx 10.07/1.3525.61720
12C?x 1.57/0.5319.4854
12C?x 2.57/0.6722.41080
12C?x 4.07/0.8525.71550
19C?x 1.57/0.5322.21120
19C?x 2.57/0.6726.61570
19C?x 4.07/0.8529.32050
27C?x 1.57/0.5326.71120
27C?x 2.57/0.6730.71570