Nigeria's national fiber optic network has been deployed for more than 50,000 kilometers


Nigeria has installed more than 50,000km of inter-city optical fiber networks across the country, the country's communications commission revealed yesterday.

One-day in Lagos Nigeria broadband deployment symposium on stakeholders, relevant departments and enterprises is the present situation of broadband infrastructure Nigeria Nigeria to comment, according to Nigeria's current international submarine cable bandwidth is enough, but the utilization rate is low, this is mainly because of weak telecommunications infrastructure, especially the "last mile" of deployment is not in place.

The NCC has taken steps to promote the deployment of broadband infrastructure nationwide to ensure affordable high-speed networks.

Currently, NCC is working to license InfraCos on a regional basis to provide urban optical fiber and data transmission services in a non-discriminatory, open access, and price-regulated manner.

It also tends to address anti-competitive pricing by increasing competition, improving consumer choice and setting price caps on rental transmission capacity.

The main goal of the national broadband plan is to increase broadband penetration in all geopolitical regions of the country.