The methods to ensure the quality of control cable

The appearance quality of the cable is very important. The first impression given to the user is the appearance quality of the product. Therefore, all good products pay attention to the appearance quality. For example, flame-retardant shielded control cables, low-smoke halogen-free control cables, and xlpe insulated control cables. For the appearance quality, production workers and inspectors should not be neglected, and strict control is required to ensure the appearance quality.


1 round aluminum rod

It is required to check the degree of roundness, whether there are defects such as hemming, rounding, cracks, inclusions, kinks, and serious mechanical damage, pits, peeling, flashing, corrosion spots, etc.


2 round copper wire

Check the surface for clean, burrs, cracks, folds and inclusions and severe spots, corrosion spots such as mechanical damage. It is worth mentioning that there is also the degree of oxidation of copper wire. Generally, golden yellow is normal, light red is slightly oxidized, and the surface is dark red and blue is severely oxidized. Any serious oxidation should be judged as waste disposal.

3 Aluminum is thinner than the surface of the wire, the wire should be twisted tightly and neatly, and it should not be loose.

4 Cable structure size

The inspection of the appearance and structural dimensions of the cable is generally interspersed or carried out at the same time. The quality of the product is good or bad. On the one hand, its performance is excellent, but the quality of its appearance and structural size also accounts for a certain proportion. The appearance and structure of the product. Size has an impact on the performance of the cable.

a, localized to thin, causing local heating, increased resistance, accelerated insulation aging.

b, rust spots, affect the conductor joints, increase the resistance, insulation is easy to age.

c. A bump or scratch affects the mechanical strength of the conductor.

   The visual inspection of the cable is to check the surface condition of the finished product, semi-finished product or material. The dimensional inspection is to evaluate each product according to the size of each part specified in the product standard. The structural inspection of the cable refers to the inspection of the structure of each component of the cable. The appearance inspection, such as the oxidation of the copper wire, has an impact on the quality of the cable, and the size can directly affect the performance of the product.