Low-smoke halogen-free wire and cable

According to the survey and analysis, in recent years, it has been found that more than 80% of the causes of death in fire accidents are related to the smoke and toxic gases produced by the materials.

With the rapid development of China's modern industry, safety and prevention measures should be more and more perfect. In many large public places, in order to avoid the secondary disaster caused by cable fire and the large amount of smoke and acid gas generated during cable burning, low smoke The halogen cable can provide a great protection.


After special low-smoke and halogen-free wire and cable materials, the halogen-free cable will not produce toxic carcinogenic gases when burned. It has high fire resistance and is subjected to direct flame combustion. No short circuit or short circuit fault occurs within a certain period of time. The smoke is very low during combustion, and no corrosive gas escapes. Therefore, when the fire occurs, the spread speed is slow. The smoke concentration is low, the visibility is high, and the release amount of harmful gas is small, which is convenient for personnel to evacuate. It also avoids damage to equipment and equipment, and is beneficial to reduce losses. Low-smoke and halogen-free cables are environmentally friendly cables, and are especially suitable for industries with high fire protection requirements, large buildings, railways, and ships. Because of the unique advantages of low-smoke and low-halogen cables, he is also used in subways, airports, stations, schools, hospitals and other places where personnel are dense and valuable, and air density is low.

Some time ago, a friend renovated a new house. Because he used wires and the like, he purchased the wire for this purpose. He had a little understanding of the opposite side of the wire and it was safe and reliable to use. Because low-smoke halogen-free wires are non-toxic and easy to skin contact, they are suitable for life. Because of the low-halogen and halogen-free characteristics, the cable material is greatly improved in aging resistance, UV resistance and other radiation properties, thereby prolonging the service life of the cable, and the home is no better.

In terms of decoration, I strongly advocate the use of this type of wire. It takes a long time to reflect his durability, long life, non-toxic and harmless, and even if an accident occurs, it will not cause serious damage.