Control cable shielding type

(1) Switching signal, available for general shielding;

(2) High-level analog signal, it is advisable to use the total shielding of the core, and if necessary, the shield of the core can be used;

(3) Low-level analog signal or pulse quantity signal, it is advisable to use the partial shielding of the wire core, and if necessary, the composite total shielding with the wire core shielding.


Regarding the grounding method of the shielding layer, attention should be paid to the following points:

(1)The control cable shielding layer of the analog signal loop of the computer control system should be grounded at a centralized point. The reason is based on the requirement to ensure the normal operation of the computer monitoring system, because even the interference voltage of only about 1V may cause the logic judgment to be delayed, and the grounding circulation can be avoided by concentrating a little grounding;


(2) Except that the control cable shield of the computer monitoring system is only allowed to be grounded at one point, the other control cable shielding layer should be grounded at two points when the electromagnetic induction interference is large, and the interference caused by static induction is large. Then use a little grounding;

(3) The inner shield of the double shield or composite shield should be grounded at one point, and the outer shield can be grounded at two points;

(4) When selecting two points of grounding, it should also be considered that under the action of transient current, the shielding layer will not be burned.

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